Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Four A's

Happy Wednesday my dear friends! Can you believe we are closing in on another month and another season? Soon, we'll say goodbye to winter and hello to green trees, vibrant plants and warm sunshine. I'm excited just thinking about it!

This week I'm going to share the four A's for dealing with stressful situations. The four A's come from, which is a non-profit resource with a lot of great articles on health challenges.

When it comes to stress, it may seem like there is not a lot you can do. You can't stop going to work, the bills won't stop piling up, you'll never get more hours in a day and your family will always rely on you. The way in which you manage and cope with your stress, however, is completely in your control.

Stress Management Strategy #1: Avoid unnecessary stress
Not all stress can be avoided, however, some can be eliminated:
  • Learn to say no
  • Avoid people who stress you out
  • Take control of your environment
  • Avoid hot-button topics
  • Pare down your to-do list
Stress Management Strategy #2: Alter the situation
If you can't avoid a situation, try to alter it. Find ways you can make changes so the problem doesn't occur in the future.
  • Express your feelings instead of bottling them up
  • Be willing to compromise
  • Be more assertive
  • Manage your time better
Stress Management Strategy #3: Adapt to the stressor
If you can't change the stressor, regain your control by changing your expectations and attitude. 
  • Reframe problems
  • Look at the bigger picture
  • Adjust your standards
  • Focus on the positive
Stress Management Strategy #4: Accept the things you cannot change
Some stressors simply cannot be changed. Although acceptance is difficult and challenging, it's easier than rallying against a situation that is completely out of your hands.
  • Don't try to control the uncontrollable
  • Look for the upside
  • Share your feelings
  • Learn to forgive

I also encourage you to make time for fun and relaxation. Activities as simple as going for a walk, calling a friend or playing with a pet can help you relax and recharge. As we prepare to enter a new season, I challenge you to leave your stress behind and start utilizing these stress management strategies.

"You can't stop the future, you can't rewind the past. The only way to learn the to press play." - Jay Asher

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