Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Where's My Happily Ever After?

Tips for Singles

Happy Wednesday! This week, I will be sharing tips for singles. Most of these tips come from an article by Joleen Watson at Imagine Hope Counseling. Let's dive right in single friends!

1) Before dating and working on a relationship, begin working on yourself.
One of the biggest pieces of advice I could ever give you is to know yourself before you try to get know someone else. You won't know what you're looking for in another person if you don't know what you're looking for in your own life. Figure out what makes you happy and what you want out of your life. Become confident in yourself in and you will exude confidence to everyone you meet.

When you've figured out what you want, here's some ways to find a potential partner:

2) Go to places of common interest.
Consider the things you like to do. Whether that be working out, going to the dog park or hitting up local wine tastings. Get involved in community groups tailored to your interest. And next time you're enjoying one of your favorite activities, look around and see who else is enjoying that activity too. Strike up a conversation, you already know you have something in common.

3) Networking - Ask friends, family, relatives, etc.
What better way to meet someone than through mutual friends? Ask your friends if they know of anyone interesting who is single. If it doesn't work out, no big deal! Perhaps you'll meet someone interesting through the person it didn't work out with.

4) Never turn down an invitation to something social.
Social events such as wedding and parties are a great way to meet other singles. Everyone is in good spirit and you're sure to have a great time!

5) Volunteer for a cause you're passionate about.
Yet another wonderful way to do something good and potentially meet someone while doing it. Many singles volunteer at local shelters, the Humane Society or Big Brothers, Big Sisters. Whether you meet someone or not, you'll leave feeling great!

6) Take a class.
It can be a spinning class, painting class or even a course at your local community college. You'll learn something new and potentially meet a great study partner!

I encourage you to try one of the above tips. If not to meet someone, for yourself. Whether you're single, dating or married, don't ever lose sight of you. You are great so share your awesomeness with others!

All the best,


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Love Makes The World Go Round: Part 2

Tips for New Relationships, Marrieds & Married with Children

Happy 1st day of Spring! We're in the midst of our blog series: Spring Into Love and I must admit, I am having the best time writing this series. It has made me reflect on my own relationship and my hope is that you have done the same.

If you're in a new relationship, married or married with kids, this week is for you! Let's jump right in with our tips.

Tips for New Relationships

1) Send him or her a copy of your resume. Attach a note saying, "I'd like you to get to know me better."
*Disclaimer: Do not do this if you're applying for a job! HAHA!

2) Listen for "Pings" in your relationship. Pings are any action or habit your partner has that you just know you couldn't live with for the rest of your life. For example: You're in the car and a rap song comes on. You cringe because you hate rap music and he squeals, I LOVE RAP! (Ping!)

3) Keep the communication flowing.

4) Evaluate your relationship with the following formula:
                                 60%  + Spark = A
In other words, if a person has at least 60% of the qualities you want in your ideal partner, plus you have "spark" (passion and romance) - go for it!

5) Guys when giving jewelry, never, never, never, package it in a ring box, unless . . . it's an engagement ring. You may not know this but those little black boxes spell one word M-A-R-R-I-A-G-E! Ask the jeweler for a different box or present it in a fun, creative way.

Tips for Marrieds Only

1) "Re-frame" your relationship:
  • She is not your wife - she's your lover.
  • He's not your husband - he's that handsome devil that you just feel head-over-heels in love with, remember?!
2) Re-frame (literally) your wedding invitation. Hang it on the wall. Or have your wedding vows penned in beautiful calligraphy.

3) Turn to her in public and whisper, "I'm glad I married you."

4) Go on a second honeymoon. Go on a third honeymoon.

5) Save your "Just Married" sign (or make a new one). Tape it to the back windshield of your car before taking off on a Sunday afternoon drive. People will honk and wave. You'll feel like a newlywed again!

Tips for Married with Kids

1) Send your kids to summer camp. It just might revitalize your marriage unlike any specific romantic gesture ever could!

2) Instead of having the babysitter come in while you're out, have the babysitter take the kids out! Send them to a double movie and enjoy the peace and quiet. 

3) Guys: Add Mother's Day to your list of Obligatory Romance dates to observe. Mark it on your calendar now!

4) Make special "Love Coupons" to help each other deal with the kids:
  • "I'll get up in the middle of the night with the baby."
  • "It's my turn to stay at home with the sick kid."
  • "Five taxi trips - hauling the kids the practice."
  • "I'll cook the kids dinner."
5) Create a neighborhood "Child-Sharing Program." Arrange entire weekends when one family on the block plays host to the slumber party, while the rest of you get romantic.

As always, comment below with your own tips. We'd love to hear from you.

Single ladies and guys, be here next week because the post will be for you. Have a wonderful week!

All the best,


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Love Makes The World Go Round

Tips for Men & Women 

Hello and Welcome! I am so excited for week 2 of our blog series: Spring Into Love! I hope each of you took the time to take the 5 Languages of Love Test and hopefully began utilizing some of what you learned. This week we are going to discuss creative, unusual and wonderful  ways to be romantic.

It's no surprise to any of us that men and women are very different. For that reason, we're going to break this up into categories. We'll give tips for Men Only and Women Only. Next week we'll dive into tips for Singles Only, Marrieds Only and Married with Children. Let's get started!

Tips for Men Only

1) A shopping trip for men. Buy one item from each store. Giftwrap in separate boxes and give!
- Crabtree & Evelyn
- Victoria's Secret
- Hallmark Card Shop
- A local liquor store
- A neighborhood flower shop
- A quality jewelry store

2) Make her a cup of coffee to-go

3) Plant a bed of flowers in early spring without her knowing. When the flowers begin to bloom she'll be completely surprised!

4) Don't equate romance with sex. It's one of the quickest ways to foster resentment and miscommunication. However, romance sometimes - but not always - leads to sex. Romance is always above love, but only sometimes about sex. Got it?!

5) Do a household chore that's usually one of "her" jobs:
- Cook dinner
- Clean the bathroom
- Do the grocery shopping
- Take the kids to baseball practice

6) Purchase her an entire outfit. Place it on the bed when she gets home with a sweet note saying, "Put this on and meet me at (insert restaurant of choice here) at 7!" She'll LOVE it!

7) Buy her a giftcard to her favorite coffee shop or store

8) Take her to the movies

9) Leave her a sweet note

10) Listen to her! Just listen!

Tips for Women Only

1) Organize a messy drawer for him

2) Make a specialty pizza with their favorite toppings

3) Send him a letter sealed with a kiss (Use your reddest lipstick!)

4) Don't position yourself against his passion. Don't force him to choose between you and his golf/football/basketball/cars/fishing! Read a book about his favorite hobby so you can join in or at least understand what's going on.

5) Greet him at the door wearing sexy lingerie

6) Do something with him that you hate to do (and do it cheerfully without complaint!)

7) Do something for him that you hate doing. For example, iron his shirt, wash his car, cut the lawn.

8) Make his favorite dessert

9) Send him a perfumed love letter

10) Take a quick look through Penthouse or Playboy - see for yourself what men find sexy. Ask him what he likes and doesn't like. You might be surprised by what you learn about him!

Do you have any tips for the man or woman in your life? If so, comment below. We'd love to hear from you.

Tune in next week for more tips and have a wonderful week!

All the best,


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spring into Love

Hello and Welcome! I am beyond excited to introduce our newest blog series: Spring into Love! For the next 4 weeks as we prepare for Spring, we're going to focus on blooming our love life, which may have fallen asleep in the cold of winter.

Spring is about a fresh start with a new spirit and new connections. It's a time to rekindle all relationships, including those with our children, family, friends and our significant other. However, this blog series will focus on rekindling our intimate relationships.

Before we can understand how to renew those relationships, we need to understand our love language and the love language of others.

"The 5 Love Languages" by Gary Chapman is a fabulous book and I highly recommend it. The first step in this blog series is to go to the 5 love languages website and take the test.

Often times, we want to give of ourselves but we're not always sure how. Because of this we become scared and guarded. The love languages test gives us the tools we need to give and receive love with confidence and understanding.

I hope you take the love languages test and you encourage your significant other to do the same. Have a lovely week!

All the best,