Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Love Makes The World Go Round

Tips for Men & Women 

Hello and Welcome! I am so excited for week 2 of our blog series: Spring Into Love! I hope each of you took the time to take the 5 Languages of Love Test and hopefully began utilizing some of what you learned. This week we are going to discuss creative, unusual and wonderful  ways to be romantic.

It's no surprise to any of us that men and women are very different. For that reason, we're going to break this up into categories. We'll give tips for Men Only and Women Only. Next week we'll dive into tips for Singles Only, Marrieds Only and Married with Children. Let's get started!

Tips for Men Only

1) A shopping trip for men. Buy one item from each store. Giftwrap in separate boxes and give!
- Crabtree & Evelyn
- Victoria's Secret
- Hallmark Card Shop
- A local liquor store
- A neighborhood flower shop
- A quality jewelry store

2) Make her a cup of coffee to-go

3) Plant a bed of flowers in early spring without her knowing. When the flowers begin to bloom she'll be completely surprised!

4) Don't equate romance with sex. It's one of the quickest ways to foster resentment and miscommunication. However, romance sometimes - but not always - leads to sex. Romance is always above love, but only sometimes about sex. Got it?!

5) Do a household chore that's usually one of "her" jobs:
- Cook dinner
- Clean the bathroom
- Do the grocery shopping
- Take the kids to baseball practice

6) Purchase her an entire outfit. Place it on the bed when she gets home with a sweet note saying, "Put this on and meet me at (insert restaurant of choice here) at 7!" She'll LOVE it!

7) Buy her a giftcard to her favorite coffee shop or store

8) Take her to the movies

9) Leave her a sweet note

10) Listen to her! Just listen!

Tips for Women Only

1) Organize a messy drawer for him

2) Make a specialty pizza with their favorite toppings

3) Send him a letter sealed with a kiss (Use your reddest lipstick!)

4) Don't position yourself against his passion. Don't force him to choose between you and his golf/football/basketball/cars/fishing! Read a book about his favorite hobby so you can join in or at least understand what's going on.

5) Greet him at the door wearing sexy lingerie

6) Do something with him that you hate to do (and do it cheerfully without complaint!)

7) Do something for him that you hate doing. For example, iron his shirt, wash his car, cut the lawn.

8) Make his favorite dessert

9) Send him a perfumed love letter

10) Take a quick look through Penthouse or Playboy - see for yourself what men find sexy. Ask him what he likes and doesn't like. You might be surprised by what you learn about him!

Do you have any tips for the man or woman in your life? If so, comment below. We'd love to hear from you.

Tune in next week for more tips and have a wonderful week!

All the best,


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